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2025 Plan

Double Downtown's Residential Population

Expand the residential population to 70,000 as a catalyst for driving Downtown's next wave of business vitality, social improvement and cultural renewal. Add 15,000 housing units; expand Class A multi-tenant office space by 3 million square feet; add 1,100 hotel rooms, and build 200,000 square feet of retail space, including at least two new grocery stores.


Extend and invigorate the original mall segment; establish "must-see" destinations along this route. Redesignate the Nicollet corridor as running from the Walker Art Center, through Loring Park to the Mississippi River, and ending at the foot of the Father Hennepin Bridge.

Build Gateway Park

A new linear park, stretching from the light rail station on 5th Street to the river, will constitute the new Nicollet's north end. The park's central feature will be a large public gathering place just north of the Central Library. Gateway Park will be a development catalyst for the empty blocks that, in 2011, characterize Nicollet's north end.

Create a Consistently Compelling Downtown Experience

Deliver a consistently excellent pedestrian experience that inspires people to explore Downtown block after block, no matter the season or time of day - 24/7/365. Embrace density to build the kind of critical mass required to sustain a successful urban core. Leverage theater, music, art and sports attractions to aid in that pursuit.

Build a New Vikings Stadium in Downtown Minneapolis

A new Vikings Stadium, located on the former site of the Metrodome, will be connected to the region's busiest transit hub (the Transportation Interchange) and will be designed to maximize Downtown's long-term entertainment value.

Lead the Nation in Transportation Options.

Maintain and improve high capacity for commuters on our streets. Increase transit's mode share for daytime commuters from 40 percent to 60 percent. Increase circulation within Downtown by installing a Downtown Circulator (whether streetcars or zero emission busses), while intensifying regular transit service in close-in neighborhoods.

Create and Sustain a Green Infrastructure and Showcase the Riverfront.

Establish and intensify the tree canopy throughout Downtown. Create green corridors that connect downtown districts and close-in neighborhoods. Enhance and emphasize the Riverfront as a world-class destination and Downtown's green focal point.

Forge Connections to the University of Minnesota.

Leverage the Central Corridor's light rail service to create a stronger link between campus and Downtown. Extend green corridors over the freeway trench that separates the CBD from the West Bank campus and establish a major new residential district on and around the Metrodome site.

Extend housing and outreach efforts so that the 300-500 people who sleep outside or in inhumane places have shelter, treatment and job training that keeps them off the streets.

Launch a Festival of Ideas and Civic Engagement

An annual festival will bring visitors, innovative thinking and civic energy to a city already noted for its citizen involvement. The festival will focus on creating a better future for all - locally, nationally and globally.

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